Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines

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What is Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines


Where is my avocado? Line drawing is a super fun logic and skill-based game in which you need to help half of an avocado find your lost seed.
Draw lines to guide the seed into the avocado.
In each level of the game you will find butter seeds on the ground. Your task is to draw straight, curved lines to bring the avocado to half of the avocado.
Each line that you draw will have some sort of in-game impact as you can give them a higher or lower slope. Try drawing a line that will help you solve the problem and retry your luck by physically changing your sketches. To get the highest score in each level you will have to collect the highest number of stars possible and you will see them scattered across the screen; Test your drawing skills by saving the avocado and solving puzzles as accurately as possible. Have fun !
Drop the seeds into the avocado by drawing lines or shapes.
Learn and use features of seeds and obstacles.
Collect all stars along the way.


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