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What is Taxistory


Drop passengers to their locations and earn money becoming a crazy taxi driver. You have to avoid the car and rush out of the encirclement in all kinds of tricky situations! Can you earn the most tips?
In the game Taxistory, you will transform into a taxi driver. Even if you don't know the city, it will be easy for you to navigate in our game, because there is only one road and it will take you to the passenger waiting for a place. Go to the red marker and pick up the customer, then take him to the new marker where he will leave. Then go to the finish line and thus complete the level. In the process of moving, you need to drive through intersections and here you should pay attention and ignore vehicles moving in a perpendicular direction, so as not to cause an emergency. If your car collides with someone else, the level will fail.
How to play
Hold your finger (mouse) and take the passenger safely.


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