Sudoku Blitz

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What is Sudoku Blitz


Sudoku Blitz the classic puzzle game, in this game players will be able to play with others or if they don't want to play with friends, players can play with bots by themselves. This fresh and exciting twist leads to a fresh new way to play a classic puzzle game. Sudoku Blitz will be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone from casual players to sudoku enthusiasts.
Players get points for each exact square they fill and compete to win the highest score. This results in a fast-paced and intense game mode where players have to solve a sudoku puzzle as quickly as possible before their opponent can solve the puzzle and surpass you.
In two challenging game modes, you place the pieces that fall on the board according to a normal Sudoku rule, get bonuses for harder positions, and try to fill the entire Sudoku board!


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