Space Prison Escape

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What is Space Prison Escape


Space Prison Escape is a fun and exciting adventure game. They kidnapped two friends and imprisoned them in their spaceships! You need to work together to escape the pursuit of these extraterrestrial enemies.
Your goal is to complete each level together by solving puzzles to collect green gems to open the exit door. Each character has different missions. The female character can squeeze through small gaps and jump higher, while her male friend can break blocks and throw barrels. These little green men put in a lot of effort to make your escape challenging! To open locked doors, you must get the key first. To remove columns, you should press the buttons. At the bottom of the screen, you can see how many gems you have collected, your level, and how many keys you have. Good luck!
How to play
Player 1: Can use WASD keys to move around, the F key to use keys, and the W keys to jump.

Player 2: Can use the arrow keys to move around, the L key to lift, the K key to attack, and the up arrow key to jump.


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