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What is Rullo


Rullo is an ingenious and engaging one-game puzzle game that lets you put your math knowledge into practice.
Your goal is to remove numbers from the grid so that the numbers remaining in each row or column add up to the numbers next to that row or column. Click to remove or disable a number, or click a deleted number to add it again. You can also click and hold a number to "lock". If you know that a specific number needs to be used, you can lock that number to make solving the rest of the puzzle easier.
To start playing Rullo is practice with 5 x 5 matrices. Then, once you get used to them, take a leap to much more complex matrices of six x six, seven seven, and even eight and eight. Bigger, more complicated. Divided into multiple rows and columns, with certain values ​​assigned to them. There is a number in each box. The goal is to 'deactivate' numbers in boxes that prevent values ​​in each column from being counted.


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