Party Cat

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What is Party Cat


In Party Cat, get ready to help the greatest cat in the world! This cat is busy cleaning up the house for having a house party. But the house is a mess! So it decided to clean the house first. If he can finish any place in the room, his parents will buy cat items. Can you help our cute pet clean the house? If so, start the game!
There is so much more to do to prepare this messy house for the big party. To help the cat clean, navigate it with your keys or swipe the mouse. When the cat moves, it will go all the way to the end unless it hits an object to stop it. So you need to have a good plan to walk into every position in the room. You can scroll right, left, forward and back. You can also pass places you've visited a second time. But you can't stop until the line ends. Each level consists of 3 stages.


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