Minesweeper Challenge

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What is Minesweeper Challenge


Game Minesweeper Challenge is quite good and interesting. There are three predefined difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. For each level, the size of the mesh is different, just like the number of bombs. Above the grid you have the set number of bombs and the timer, which starts running when you click the first tile from the grid. The yellow smiley shows you whether you've finished the game or not. If you see the shades, then you win.
The goal of the game is very simple - identify all the bombs. It sounds simple but it requires some thought and a little bit of luck.
Locating the bomb will be very simple. If you have eight boxes with a 1 box and an unopened box in between them, that's where the bomb is. When you are sure that you have located the bomb, right click on the box and you will see a flag that says you think there is a bomb.
If you mistype the cell containing the bomb, the game will be over.


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