Minesweeper a Classic puzzle game

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What is Minesweeper a Classic puzzle game


Minesweeper is a classic puzzle game that offers hours of fun for players. Simple to play and you can get a lot of fun.
The goal of the game is to discover all the squares that do not contain mines.
Click the squares to scan and long-press on them to mark them as a bomb.
Collect scanner to help you solve the ultimate mine!
Try to avoid bombs to clear the mines to win the game! Strategy and logic are needed to navigate many difficulty levels. Track your progress with the all-new statistical tracker to keep track of your progress and try to get past your best timing!
How to play
Start with a mine area covered by squares and clear the field by touching one square at a time. But be careful, because underneath some tiles are bombs waiting to explode! Below each tile is a number (shows how many mines are touching the tile), a gap or a mine waiting to explode! Use strategy and logic to navigate the mine map and win the game!


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