Kitty Bubbles

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What is Kitty Bubbles


Kitty Bubbles is a fun game with a funny and funny kitty. It loves to play and of course gives its owner many positive emotions. One of its favorite games is playing with a ball. Today, she also decided to play with them and we will have fun joining. Before our eyes was a field full of balloons of different colors. Here are our favorites and sitting under her feet will appear the same glomerulus with different colors.
Our task is to calculate the trajectory and hit our character's leg to poison a ball to the top, but not just that, and with our mind. We need to build objects of the same color in a three-piece series. Then they will disappear and we will make it for game points. Remember that over time, the top row will drop below and will appear above the top of the new audience range. Our main task is to clear the board before the bottom row hits the ground. If that happens, we lose and we'll have to start over. So pay attention and think logically, and victory will be yours. Passing quests gets more difficult with each new level, but you can do it.


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