Jewel Dash

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What is Jewel Dash


Jewel Dash a game of digging for gems is very interesting. His life is devoted to underground mines, where he mines gems with the help of his trusty pickaxe. This is hard and hard work, rare crystals are not found as often as we would like, otherwise, our hero is richer than the king.
In the game Jewel Dash, he will have such an opportunity, but on the condition that you have to help him. A field filled with multicolored gems will appear in front of you. Find the largest group of identical stones placed next to each other and click to remove. The minimum number in a group should be three of the same crystals. You have a limited amount of time, a bright fuse is rapidly approaching the bottom panel on the bottom panel of the screen. Try to collect maximum points to get a useful bonus. Good luck!


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