Jelly Shift

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What is Jelly Shift


Jelly Shift is a fun running game where squares are stretched or flattened to go through each bridge hole and reach the end point. How many levels can you pass?
Agar may melt and agar may be damaged. Mind is empty. Formless, invisible, like jelly! In this incredibly fun and fast-moving casual platform game the aim is to guide your lovely jelly guide to the end of each obstacle in the shortest time possible. Follow the dishes and move up and down to squeeze your jelly between the bars, under the bar and on the bar running as smoothly and as quickly as possible.
Collect diamonds and complete levels to unlock a variety of jelly characters including super cute animals, colorful heroes.
Overcome enough obstacles successfully without crashing, and you'll get a jelly fever, an intense array of colors and speeds to take you to the end of newer levels.


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