Bounce Adventure

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What is Bounce Adventure


Bounce Adventure an adventure full of fun and fun. They are very funny and fun and live like we are doing a simple normal life. Among them, too, there are diverse adventurers. Our main hero thus began the journey and wandered into the forbidden forest reserved for its people, and how to get lost. Now you and I have to help him out of this trap.
To do this, we have to go through a network of portals, located in different parts of the places that we see for ourselves. To reach them, we will make jumps. To do this, using the mouse we will build a jump trajectory. As soon as we do that, our hero will move. Remember that you can not only jump directly but also get to the top. Along the way, collect gold coins, for them, we will give points and various rewards. These bonuses will help you a lot in your journey back home.


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