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What is minesweeper


Play the classic Minesweeper game. With a new update of classic Minesweeper, you can play by touchscreen or with a mouse to mark all the mines' squares without uncovering any of them.

Your task is to open all clear's squares - all squares that don't contain a mine.

Click into the minefield randomly to expose one or more free space. If you click on a mine, you'll lose the game.

The numbers displayed show how many bombs are adjacent to that square.

Using the flag to mask on squares where you know as a bomb or unsure as clear. Left-click to open up squares where you think there isn't a mine. Use right-click to mask flag on a square if you think it's a mine or not sure it clear.

Flagging is not required. It helps you keep track of where you think the mines are.

There are three levels in Minesweeper - Easy, Medium, and Hard. With this version, you can customize the size of the minefield, choose the number of bombs.

Have fun.

How to play

  • Left-click to open a square.
  • Righ-click to mask a square as mine, a little flag icon will show up there.
  • Double-click on a square with number displayed: Opening all remaining adjacent squares to a number square to show clear’s square if sure it is clear after mine’s square was marked.
  • Flag marks are useful to mark squares you're not absolutely sure are mines, but want to make sure you don't accidentally open them.
  • Click the smiley face to restart the game.


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